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Moss China | Family List | Moss China V. 1 | Dicranaceae

2. Aongstroemia Bruch & Schimp. in B. S. G., Bryol. Eur. 1: 171. 1846.


Plants slender, erect, yellowish green, in loose tufts. Stems julaceous, usually simple. Leaves appressed, oval to oblong, broadly acute, sharply bent to one side at the tips; costa single, thick, percurrent; upper laminal cells irregularly hexagonal or rhombic, thick-walled, smooth; lower laminal cells slightly elongate, rectangular, firm-walled; alar cells not differentiated. Dioicous. Setae elongate, straight, smooth; capsules erect, cylindric; opercula long-rostrate; annuli well developed; peristome teeth absent or inserted below the mouth when present, entire or divided above. Calyptrae cucullate. Spores small, spherical.

Wijk et al. (1959) listed 31 species of Aongstroemia from the entire world, and six of them were from China. Of these six names, five have been synonymized or placed elsewhere. Aongstroemia bicolor C. Müll. and A. curvicaulis C. Müll. are synonymous with Oncophorus virens (Hedw.) Brid., A. liliputana C. Müll. with Dicranella liliputana (C. Müll.) Par., A. micro-divaricata C. Müll. with Dicranella micro-divaricata (C. Müll.) Par., and A. uncinifolia (Broth.) Broth. with A. orientalis Mitt., which is the only species currently recognized in China.

Lower Taxon


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