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Pakistan | Family List | Combretaceae

Anogeissus Wall. ex Guill.& Perr., Fl.Seneg. 280. 1832. Benth. & Hook.f., Gen.Pl. 1:687.1865; Clarke in Hook.f.,Fl. Brit.Ind. 2:450.1878; Talbot, For Fl.Bomb.Pres. Sind.2:22.1911; Parker,For.Fl.Punj.ed 3:240.1956 (reprint. ed).

Deciduous trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate, rarely sub-opposite. eglandular, petiolate, entire. Inflorescence axillary, dense globose heads, peduncles much shorter than the leaves. Flowers small, yellow, bisexual. Hypanthium compressed at the base, prolonged up to ovary, subpersistent, expands at the top into 5 campanulate lobes, deciduous. Petals absent. Stamens 10 in 2 series, anthers small, cordate, filaments filiform, exserted. Disc epipetalous, hairy. Ovary unilocular, inferior, style filiform, ovules 2, pendulous from the top of the ovary. Fruit packed in a dense head, small, compressed, 2 winged; seeds ovoid, cotyledons convolute.

A genus with 11 species, distributed chiefly in India and Africa, represented by only one species in Pakistan.

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