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Pakistan | Family List | Aristolochiaceae

Aristolochia Linn., Sp.Pl. 960. 1753.;Boiss.,Fl.Or. 4:1074. 1879; Benth. & Hook. f., Gen.Pl.3:123.1880; Hook. f.,Fl.Brit.Ind. 574.1886, Cooke, Fl.Bomb. Pres.3:15.1906.

Perennial herbs or shrubs, twining or prostrate, rarely erect. Leaves entire or lobed, 3-7-nerved with a usually dilated petiole, exstipulate but often with an undeveloped axillary stipule-like leaf (pseudostipule). Inflorescence solitary, axillary or in short fascicled racemes. Perianth zygomorphic or actinomorphic, coloured, tubular, tube inflated below, hairy inside, limb oblique, (1-)2 (-3)-lipped. Stamens (5-) 6 or multiples of these with sessile anthers. Ovary 5-6-celled; placentation parietal or axile; ovules many, anatropous, biseriate; style divided into 3,5 or 6 linear or obtuse lobes. Seeds ± compressed, usually winged all around.

A large genus with about 400 species, chiefly distributed in tropics, represented in Pakistan by 2 native and 1 cultivated species.


Aristolochia indica 960.1753.

Hasnain & Rahman (Pl. Karachi & Sind 1:69.1957) reported Aristolochia indica L. from canal areas of Sind. This is a South-Eastern Indian species and probably their record is based on misidentification.

1 Plant densely pubescent. Peirenth regular, 3-lobed   Aristolochia punjabensis
+ Plant glabrous except inside perianth tube Perianth irregular, with a unilateral lobe   (2)
2 (1) Plant prostrate. Perianth lip linear, 5 mm or less broad   Aristolochia bracteolata
+ Climber. Perianth lip expanded, 10 mm broad   Aristolochia elegans

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