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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 206 | Cyperaceae

2. Bolboschoenus (Aschers.) Palla, Synops. Fl. Germ. ed. 3. 3: 2531. 1907; Kukkonen in Rech.f., Fl. Iran. 173: 16. 1998.

Scirpus subdiv. Bolboschoenus Ascherson, Fl. Prov. Brandenb. 1: 753. 1864.

Perennials, up to 1.5 m. Rhizome sturdy, creeping, producing tubers. Stem trigonous, smooth or scabrous along edges. Leaves basal, smaller or equalling stem; sheaths up to 17 cm, soft; ligule 0; blades up to 7 mm wide, keeled, scabrous. Inflorescence a multiple spike, sometimes anthelodium, or spikes congested to head; bracts much exceeding inflorescence; spikes up to 30 x 8 mm. Flowers bisexual, perianth bristles 4-7, inequal, stamens 3, stigmas 2-3. Nut trigonous or biconvex. Resembling Schoenoplectus, but leaf blades long; inflorescence either with few elongated branches (as in sect. Schoenoplectus) or spikes large and in capitula (Schoenoplectus sect. Actaeogeton); perianth bristles present.

A genus with c. 16 species, distributed in all continents except S. America; represented in Pakistan by two species.

1 Inflorescence mostly a group of sessile spikes; spikes often yellow brown; stigmas mostly 2; nut bi-convex, epidermal cells hexagonal, wide, with translucent outer wall.   1 B. affinis
+ Inflorescence mostly branched multiple spike; spikes from dark brown to pale yellow; stigmas 3; nut trigonous, epidermal cells small, outer wall not translucent.   2 B. glaucus

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