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Cardamine Linn., Sp.Pl. 653. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed.5: 295.1754; Benth. & Hook.f., l.c. 70; Boiss., l.c. 160; Hook.f., l.c. 137; Schulz in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 527; Busch in Kom., l.c. 158; Schulz in Bot. Jahrb. 32:280-623 1903; Biswas in Trans. and Proc. Bot. Soc. Edin. 33, 4:416-430. 1943; Cullen in Davis, l.c. 193.

Cardamine loxostemonoides

Credit: Shaukat & Azmat

  • Dentaria Linn.
  • Heterocarpus Phillipi
  • Porphyrocodon Hook. f.
  • Pteroneurum DC.

    Annual, biennial or perennial herbs, glabrous or hairy with simple hairs. Leaves pinnate, rarely simple or entire. Racemes usually many flowered, flexuose in fruit, ebracteate. Flowers small to large, white or violet-pinkish, rarely yellowish; pedicels filiform, lengthening in fruit, erect or upcurved. Sepals equal, inner subsaccate at base. Petals often about twice as long as the sepals, rarely abortive, obovate, clawed. Stamens 6, rarely 2 or more abortive; filaments not appendaged. Lateral nectar glands semi-annular or annular; middle absent rarely present. Ovary linear or narrowly oblong, few to many ovuled; stigma ± bibbed, short. Siliquae linear, compressed, bilocular, dehiscent; valves smooth, usually opening suddenly and coiling spirally upwards, thus flinging the seeds to some distance; septum membranous; seeds uniseriate, many, oblong or suborbicular, flattened, brown.

    A large genus of c. 150, mostly cosmopolitan species; only 5 species arc recorded from our area.

    1 Leaflets large, usually 30-80 mm long, serrate; flowers large, showy   Cardamine macrophylla
    + Leaflets small usually 5-15 mm long, irregularly sub-dentate or shallowly lobulate   (2)
    2 (1) Leaf bases (petiole bases) auricled   Cardamine impatiens
    + Leaf bases not auricled   (3)
    3 (2) Perennial; flowers 10 mm across, handsome, lilac, pinkish or purplish   Cardamine loxostemonoides
    + Annual or biennial; flowers c. 5 mm across, white   (4)
    4 (3) Plants usually with a simple stem and slender tap root, erect; basal leaves densely rosulate   Cardamine hirsuta
    + Plants usually with several branches from below, ascending, without a slender tap root; basal leaves hardly or loosely rosulate   Cardamine flexuosa

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