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Pakistan | Family List | Rubiaceae

22. Catesbaea L., Sp. Pl. 109. 1753. Gen. P1. ed. 5. 48. 1754; DC., Prodr. 4: 400. 1832; Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 2: 78. 1873; Bor & Raizada, Beaut. Ind. Climb. Shr. & Tr. 98. 1954; Bailey, St. Cycl. Hon. 1: 686. 1950; Bailey & Bailey, Hortus Third 234. (Rev. ed.) 1976.


Catesbaea spinosa

Credit: M. Rafiq

Spiny shrubs or small trees, branches mostly terete, glabrous. Leaves small, glabrous, opposite or fascicled, ovate or oblong; stipule interpetiolar, small, deciduous. Flowers mostly axillary, solitary, shortly pedicelled, erect or pendulous, generally white, 4-merous. Calyx-tube oblong, obovate or campanulate, 4-lobed, usually trigonal or tetragonal, subulate, persistent. Corolla funnel-shaped or campanulate, membranous; tube long, throat obconical, dilated, 4-lobed, lobes valuate, ovate, acute or obtuse. Stamens 4, inserted in the corolla-tube; filaments short, filiform or elongated; anthers linear. Disc annular. Ovary 2-locular, many ovules in each locule; style filifonn, stigma elongated, papillose, shallowly 2-lobed. Fruit a berry, ovoid, globose or oblong, 2-locular, many-seeded, ± coriaceous. Seeds compressed, testa subcoriaceous, granulate, albumen dense and hard, embryo minute.

A genus of about 10 species, native of W. Indies and Florida Represented in Pakistan by the following cultivated species.

Lower Taxon


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