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Pakistan | Family List | Nyctaginaceae

Commicarpus Standley, Contrib. U.S. Nat. Herb. 12:373. 1909. D.A. Webb in Tutin et al., Fl. Eur. 1:111. 1964; Zohary, Fl. Pal. 1:70. 1966; Hutch., Gen. Flow. Pl. 2: 268. 1967; R.D. Meikle, t. 3694 in W.J. Hook., l.c. Pl. 7, 4.1971; J. Chrtek & B. Krisa in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 115. 4. 1976.

Perennial suffruticose herbs or scrambling shrubs. Leaves opposite, entire, often sinuate-repand. Flowers bisexual. Involucral bracts present. Perianth 5-lobed, campanulate or infundibuliform. Stamens 2-5; filaments unequal, connate at the base. Style filiform, stigma peltate. Anthocarp clavate, 10-ribbed, viscid and glandular with large wart-like glands.

A genus of about 16 species distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Formerly and still by some authors included in the genus Boerhavia Linn., from which it differs in the larger flowers and the anthocarp which is 10-ribbed and with conspicuous glands. Represented in Pakistan by 4 species.

1 Plants densely glandular pubescent. Anthocarp strongly ribbed   Commicarpus stenocarpus
+ Plants glabrous to sparsely puberulous. Anthocarp not strongly ribbed   (2)
2 (1) Anthocarp uniformly tuberculate. Perianth infundibuliform   Commicarpus chinensis
+ Anthocarp with a ring of wart-like glands at the apex. Perianth campanulate   (3)
3 (2) Inflorescence rigid and lax. Pedicel 2-4 mm long, stout   Commicarpus helenae
+ Inflorescence not rigid and lax. Pedicel 0.5-1.2 cm (up to 2 cm in fruit) long, slender   Commicarpus boissieri

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