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Corchorus Linn., Sp. P1. 529. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5.234. 1754; D.C., Prodr. 1:504. 1824; Benth. & Hook. f., Gen. Pl. 1:235. 1862; Masters in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1: 396.1874; Ghakravarty, H. L. in Bull. Bot. Soc. Bengal 15:75-86. 1953; Hutch., Gen. Fl. Pl. 2: 482.1967.

Corchorus trilocularis*

Credit: Shaukat

  • Antichorus Linn.

    Herbs or undershrubs, rarely shrubs, with simple and stellate hairs. Leaves petiolate, alternate, serrate, stipulate. Inflorescence an axillary or antiphyllous, 1-5 (-8)- flowered, shortly pedunculate cyme. Flowers small, subsessile or shortly pedicellate, tetra or pentamerous, bracteate. Sepals 5, rarely 4, free, valvate. Petals 5, rarely 4, free, mostly imbricate, neither pitted nor glandular at the base. Stamens 8-20 or many, free, anthers versatile. Carpels 2-5, syncarpous; ovary superior, 2-5-loculed, each locule many ovuled; style simple, stigma simple, papillate, undulate or crenate. Capsule elongate, linear-oblong or sub-globose and muricate, 2-5-loculed, locules aseptate or transversely septate between the seeds, loculicidally dehiscent. Seeds pendulous or horizontal, endospermous, embryo curved with cordate, foliaceous cotyledons.

    About 100 species; distributed in the tropics and subtropics.

    1 Leaf blade without setose or filiform appendages at the base   (2)
    + Leaf blade with setose or filiform appendages at the base   (6)
    2 (1) Perennial, prostrate. Carpels 4. Capsule 4-loculed   Corchorus depressus
    + Annual, erect or suberect. Carpels 3. Capsule 3-loculed   (3)
    3 (2) Sepals hooded, awned at the apex. Shoots pilose. Capsule 3-winged   Corchorus aestuans
    + Sepals neither hooded nor awned at the apex. Shoots glabrous or pubescent. Capsule winged   (4)
    4 (3) Cyme fasciculate, 2-5 (-8)-flowered. Flowers 5-6 mm across. Capsule not more than 1.5 cm long, pubescent   Corchorus fascicularis
    + Cyme lax, 1-3-flowered. Flowers 1-1.2 cm across. Capsule 1.5-6.8 cm long, glabrous   (5)
    5 (4) Shoots glabrous. Stamens 10-15. Capsule smooth, cylindrical, bead divided into 3 spreading bifid tips   Corchorus tridens
    + Shoots pubescent. Stamens 15-20. Capsule scabrous, tuberculate, beak undivided   Corchorus trilocularis*
    6 (1) Capsule subglobose-globose, beakless and depressed at the apex   Corchorus capsularis
    + Capsule elongated, beaked at the apex   (7)
    7 (6) Sepals hooded and awned at the apex. Shoots pilose. capsule 3-winged   Corchorus aestuans
    + Sepals neither hooded nor awned at the apex. Shoots glabrous or pubescent. Capsule not winged   (8)
    8 (7) Stamens 10-15. Beak of the capsule divided into 2 spreading bifid tips   Corchorus tridens
    + Stamens 15-20 or more. Beak of the capsule straight, undivided   (9)
    9 (8) Leaves obpandurate, oblique at the base, abruptly narrowed above middle. Flowers ebracteate. Capsule cylindrical, neither sulcate nor triangular   Corchorus pseudo-olitorius
    + Leaves linear-lanceolate to ovate or elliptic-obovate. Flowers bracteate. Capsule sulcate or triangular   (10)
    10 (9) Stamens 15-20. Carpels 3. Capsule triangular, 3- loculed, c. 2.5 mm across   Corchorus trilocularis*
    + Stamens numerous (more than 20). Carpels 5. capsule 10-angled, sulcate, 5-loculed, c. 4-5 mm across   Corchorus olitorius

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