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Pakistan | Family List | Zingiberaceae

2. Curcuma Roxb. in Asiat. Res. 11:329. 1910. Gen. Pl. 3.1754; Baker in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:209.1890; Bailey, Stand. Cyclop. Hort. 2:917.1919; Schum. in Engler, Das Pflanzenr. 20 (IV. 46). 99.1904.
[(nom. cons.)]


Rhizome densely fleshy, branched, often with tuber bearing roots. Inflorescence terminal on a leafy shoot (i.e. borne in the centre of a leaf tuft) or on a separate shoot and sometimes precocious. Bracts adnate to each other for about half their length, forming pouches, each subtending a cincinnus of several flowers; uppermost bracts sterile and often differently coloured (the coma). Bracteoles open to the base. Calyx tubular, unilaterally split, unequally 3-lobed. Corolla tube infundibuliform, limb unequally 3-lobed. Lateral staminodes petaloid, folded under the dorsal petal. Labellum with a thickened central portion and thinner side lobes which overlap behind the staminodes. Anther versatile, spurred at the base.

Over 40 species are recognised, all native to tropical Asia. Rhizomes of many species yield edible products. The economically important species are widely cultivated throughout the tropics and propogated by their rhizomes. Many cultivated races exist.

In Pakistan 2 species are cultivated.

1 Inflorescence borne separately from the leaves, often precocious   1 Curcuma angustifolia
+ Inflorescence borne centrally to the leaf tuft, appearing with the leaves   2 Curcuma longa

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