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Pakistan | Family List | Hyacinthaceae

2. Dipcadi Medik, Hist. Comm. Acad. Elect. Sci. Theod.-Palat. 6: 431. 1790. Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 6: 345. 1892; T. Cooke, Fl. Pres. Bomb. 3: 277. 1958 (Reprint. ed); Deb & S. Dasgupta in J. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. 75 (1): 50-70. 1978; Wendelbo in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 165: 106. 1990; Kubitzki, Fam. Gen. Vasc. Pl. 3 275. 1998.


Dipcadi serotinum

Credit: A.D. Schilling

  • Uropetalum Ker-Gawl.

    Perennial, bulbous, glabrous herb. Roots thin. Bulb ovoid with a tunic of papery scales. Leaves basal, linear to lanceolate. Inflorescence scapose raceme. Flowers bracteate, pedicellate; bracts with marked nerves, slightly longer than the pedicel. Perianth tubular, outer and inner perianth lobes united variously. Stamens 6, epiphyllous, filaments short, attached to the throat of the perianth tube, anthers introse. Ovary trilocular, locule 20-ovulate, style short, straight, stigma 3-lobed. Capsule subglobose, loculicidally 3-valved. Seeds 6-20 per locule, compressed, orbicular, black.

    About 30 species, Europe, W. Mediterranean to Central Asia, Arabia, Madagascar, Sokotra, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. Represented in Pakistan by 2 species.

    1 Scape 10-20 cm, 4-12-flowered. Bracts longer than pedicel. Perianth segments subequal, fused for about 1/3 the length of the perianth from the base   1 Dipcadi erythraeum
    + Scape (10-) 20-70 (-100) cm, (3)-10-16-flowered, bracts shorter or as long as pedicel, perianth segments subequal, outer ones united up to 1/3 from the base, inner 3 united up to 2/3 the length of the perianth from the base   2 Dipcadi serotinum

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