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Pakistan | Family List | Rubiaceae

18. Gaillonia A. Rich. ex DC., Prodr. 4: 574. 1834. Bench. & Hook. f., Gen. P1. 2: 144. 1873 p.p.; Boiss., Fl. Or. 3: 13. 1875 (incl. sect. Microstephus).


  • Neogaillonia Lincz.

    Perennial shrubs, prickly; stems cylindrical. Leaves opposite, linear, rigid; stipules present or absent, if present, then not forming a sheath or involucre. Inflorescence dichotomously cymose. Calyx 5-fid, much shorter than corolla, not accrescent after anthesis. Corolla dirty red or pink, infundibuliforn. Stamens 5, exserted or subexserted; filaments short, inserted near the throat of corolla tube; anthers dorsifixed. Style exserted; stigma branched. Mericarps densely hairy.

    A genus of c. 27 species distributed from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan to Algeria. Represented in Pakistan by 4 species.

    Linczevski l.c. recognized five genera within the traditional concept of Gaillonia, resurrecting Jaubertia Guill. (monotypic), Choulettia Pomel (monotypic) and described 2 new genera Pseudogaillonia Lincz. (monotypic) and Pterogaillonia Lincz. (3 species). He accommodated 22 species under Neogaillonia, considering Gaillonia as a latter homonym of Gaillona Bonnem. (Rhodophyceae). However, according to the committee for Spermatophyta, Gaillonia A. Rich. ex DC. should not be treated as a latter homonym of Gaillona Bonnem. (Brumitt, Pers. Communication). In view of the committee's decision Gaillonia A. Rich. ex DC. is accepted as a valid name. Following Linczevski, we have also recognized them as distinct genera which are differentiated on the basis of flower and fruit morphology (differences are already mentioned in the generic key).

    Recently Leonard (in Bull. lard. Bot. Nat. Belg. 54: 493-497. 1984) has shown that all the 5 genera are also distinguishable on the basis of pollen morphology and geographical distribution.

    Excluded species

    Gaillonia eriantha Jaub. & Spach, l.c. 145 t, 78; Boiss., l.c. 14; Ehrend., l.c.; R.R. Strewart, l.c.

    Neogaillonia eriantha (Jaub. & Spach) Lincz., Nov. Syst. Pl. Vascul. 10: 229. 18973.

    Gaillonia eriantha Jaub. & Spach has been confused with Gaillonia macrantha Blatt. & Hallb. but the former can be distinguished by having the main branches terete and by polymorphic stipules, while in the latter the main branches are 2-edged or trigonal and stipules are uniform. It seems that Gaillonia `eriantha Jaub. &Spach is restricted to the type locality (Southern Iran, Ehrendorfer, l.c.). specimens cited from Pakistan by previous workers under this taxon appear to belong to Gaillonia macrantha Blatt. & Hallb.

    1 Corolla 3-4.5 mm long   (2)
    + Corolla 12-15 mm long   (3)
    2 (1) Inflorescence dense. Calyx 1-1.5 mm long, lobes much shorter than corolla-tube. Corolla lobes ovate, acute, not incurved. Style exserted, c. 4 mm long   1 Gaillonia asperuliformis
    + Inflorescence lax. Calyx c. 2.5 mm long, densely whitish pubescent, lobes almost equalling the corolla-tube. Corolla-lobes linear-lanceolate, thickened and incurved at the tip. Style not exserted   4 Gaillonia chitralensis
    3 (1) Stem glabrous, internodes 5-8 cm long   3 Gaillonia afghanica
    + Stem pubescent or scabridulous, internodes 1-3 cm long   2 Gaillonia macrantha

    Lower Taxa

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