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Hemarthria R. Br., Prodr. 207. 1810. Rozhev. & Shishkin in Kom., Fl. URSS 2:13. 1934; Blatter & McCann, Bombay Grasses 30. 1935; Bor, Fl. Assam 5:435. 1940; Sultan & Stewart, Grasses W. Pak. 1:138. 1958; Bor, Grasses Burma Ceyl. Ind. Pak. 160. 1960; Bor in Towns., Guest & Al-Rawi, Fl. Iraq 9:526. 1968; Bor in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 70:525. 1970; Tzvelev Poaceae URSS 708. 1976; Clayton in Tutin et el., Fl. Eur. 5:266. 1980.

Tufted or stoloniferous perennials. Leaf-blades flat; ligule a very short ciliate. membrane. Inflorescence a single raceme embraced below by the subtending sheath, borne in the upper axils of the culm; racemes tough, dorsally compressed; internodes thickened, clavate, nearly always obliquely articulated, fused to the adjacent pedicel. Sessile spikelet dorsally compressed; lower glume narrowly elliptic, rigidly herbaceous, broadly convex, 2-keeled, smooth, indistinctly winged above, obtuse, caudate or bifid; upper lemma entire and awnless; caryopsis narrowly obovoid, slightly dorsally compressed. Pedicelled spikelet like the sessile; pedicel flattened, broadly linear.

A genus of 12 species in tropical and subtropical regions of the Old World; also in the Americas; 2 species are so far recorded from Pakistan.

1 Articulations of the rhachis oblique; callus triangular; lower glume of sessile spikelet 3-4 mm long   Hemarthria compressa
+ Articulations of the rhachis transverse; callus short and truncate; lower glume of sessile spikelet 4.5- 7.5 mm long   Hemarthria sibirica

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