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Torularia (Coss.) O.E. Schulz in Engler, Pflanzenr. 86 (IV. 105) : 213. 1924. in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 626; Vas. in Kom., l.c. 488 ; Hedge in Rech. f., l.c. 322.

Torularia dentata

Credit: Azmat

  • Sisymbrium** sect. Torularia Coss.

    Annual, biennial or perennial herbs, clothed with small, simple or branched hairs. Leaves small, dissected, toothed to entire, basal leaves often rosulate, cauline sessile, amplexicaul to cuneate. Racemes lax in fruit, sometimes bracteate below. Flowers small, rarely large, white, pinkish or violaceous; pedicels short, often thickened. Sepals erect, not saccate at base. Petals up to twice as long as the sepals, rarely suppressed or rudimentary. Stamens 6; filaments not appendaged; anthers short, obtuse. Lateral nectar glands in pairs, semi-globose or ovoid, free or connate at the base; middle glands absent. Ovary linear-cylindrical, sessile, (5-)10-34-ovuled; style short or absent, often thickened with depressed, sub-bilobed stigma. Siliquae linear, sub-cylindrical or sub-terete, bilocular, dehiscent, often torulose and variously curved or carcinate above, hairy, rarely glabrous; valves rigid, 1-veined; septum membranous, not veined; seeds 1-seriate, many, small, not mucilaginous when wet; radicle incumbent.

    About 15 species, mostly Asian; 6 species found in our area.

    Some species of Malcolmia resemble very closely to some of its species, but short stigmas (not conical with decurrent lobes) and absence of middle nectar glands are its distinctive characters. Its differences with Arabidopsis, Microsisymbrium and Sisymbrium has already been discussed elesewhere.

    1 Siliquae ± appressed to the axis   Torularia dentata
    + Siliquae not appressed to the axis   (2)
    2 (1) Pedicels 1-1.5 mm long and inconspicuous in fruit; petals usually short, 2.5-3 mm long   (3)
    + Pedicels 4-6 mm long and conspicuous in fruit; petals usually long, (4-) 5-10 (-14) mm long   (4)
    3 (2) Siliquae ± scabrous, 20-30 mm long, usually slightly reflexed at the apex   Torularia torulosa
    + Siliquae pubescent or glabrous, 10-20 mm long, ± circinate at the apex   Torularia brevipes
    4 (2) Siliquae (30-) 40-50 (-60) mm long on thickened, Spreading pedicels; hairs simple   (5)
    + Siliquae 10-20 (-25) mm long, on slightly or not thickened, erect pedicels; hairs simple and branched   Torularia humilis
    5 (4) Petals 7-14 mm long   Torularia afghanica
    + Petals 4-5 mm long   Torularia aculeolata

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