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Pakistan | Family List | Ranunculaceae | Clematis

8. Clematis graveolens Lindl. in J. Hort. Soc. 1:307. 1846. Hook.f. & Thoms. in Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:4. 1872, Aitch. in J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 28.29.1881, Coventry, Wild Flow. of Kashm. 2:3.t.11. 1927, Tamura in Kitamura. Fl. Afghan. 123.1960, Stewart, Ann. Catalogue Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 265. 1972, Qureshi & Chaudhri in Pak. Syst. 4(1-2):130.1988.


Naturhistorisches Museum, Botanische Abteilung, Wien, Austria.


National Herbarium, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Clematis chrysantha var. monantha Tamura
  • Clematis chrysantha var. paucidentata Tamura
  • Clematis orientalis subsp. graveolens (Lind].) O. Kuntze
  • Clematis parvifolia auct. non Edgew.: Hook.f. & Thoms.

    Slender, glabrous climber. Leaves extremely variable pinnate to bipinnate, rarely even segments of second order ternate. Leaflets usually small, ovate, lobed or incised, rarely irregularly dentate, usually not cordate at base in some cases lanceolate entire, leaflets of first order with a distinct stalk, those of the second or third order sometimes sessile or subsessile, usually rounded obtuse, rarely acute, 7-35 mm long. Flowers 3-7, pale yellow, in panicles, upper ones mostly solitary on a long peduncle with 2 pinnate bracts. Sepals (10-) 15-18 (-20) mm, oblong, ovate-lanceolate to ovate, acute or more often obtuse, with a densely tomentose margin, sparsely pubescent outside and inside. Filaments linear or narrowly linear, sometimes tapering upwards, flattened, longer than anthers, with long hairs especially in the upper part. Anthers linear, glabrous or dorsally hairy on the connective. Achenes pubescent. Style 20-25 mm long, ciliate.

    Fl. Per.: April-May.

    Type: Cultivated from seeds sent by W. Munro.

    Gilgit: A-7 Gilgit, 8000', Aug. 1969, M.S. Cheema, s.n. (KUH), Chitral: B-6 Bombrait, 5000', M.A. Siddiqi & A. Rahman 26872 (RAW), B-7 Swat: Khwaja Khela-Shangla, Sultanul Abedin 8301 (KUH), Mingora, Coll. ignot. s.n. (KUH), Hazara: Abbottabad, 29.11.1939, Raj Kumar s.n. (RAW), id., N.A. Qazilbash 2024 (RAW), Dunga Gali, R.R. Stewart 1581 (RAW), Shewal-Balakot, S.A. Farooqi & M. Qaiser 3213 (KUH), Kowai, Kagan, Hassandin 3109 (RAW), Kashmir: Domel, R.R. & I.D. Stewart 3734 (RAW), Mansehra-Garhi, M. Qaiser 3415 (KUH), Garhi, R.R. Stewart 8457 (RAW), nr. Dulai, M. Qaiser & Azmat Ali 4967 (KUH), Muzafarabad-Chenari, S.A. Farooqi & M. Qaiser 2970 (KUH), Chenari, R.R. Stewart 5163 (RAW), C-7 Rawalpindi & Islamabad: Murree, R.R. & I.D. Stewart 4034 (RAW), above Tret, R.R. & I.D. Stewart 7113 (RAW), Tret, R.R. Stewart 4137 (RAW), Gharial, R.R. Stewart 23547 (RAW), Margalla hills, 14.9.1983, Y. Nasir & Rubino Akhtar s.n. (RAW), Karot, M.A. Siddiqi & Y. Nasir 6101 (RAW), Lethrar, Y. Nasir & Zaffar Ali 4496 (RAW), Panjar, Oct. 1959, R.R. Stewart s.n. (RAW), id., R.R, Stewart & E. Nasir 28545 (RAW), Jhelum: Sakesar, 29.9.1950, A. Rehman, s.n, (RAW, KUH), Attock: Cherat, D. Nath 165 (KUH), 178 (RAW), id., Sept. 1946, V.K. Mall (RAW), Baluchistan: Khatuka, M. Jafri 91 (RAW), Ziarat, M. Math 2304 (RAW), id., M. Nath 2387 (RAW), Baluchistan, C.P. Elliot s.n. in 1891 (RAW), Wali Tangi, M. Qaiser & A. Ghafoor-387 (KUH), Ziarat, Y. Nasir & Z. Ali 5784 (RAW).

    Distribution: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir eastward to Nepal.

    In Pakistan found from 1000-3000 m. Often confused with Clematis orientalis L.


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