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Cinnamomum tamala (Ham.) Th. G. Fr. Nees in Th. Nees & Eberm., Handb. med.-pharm. 2:426, 428. 1831. C.G. Nees in Wall., Pl. As. rar. 2: 75. 1831; Meissner in DC., Prodr. 15(1): 17. 1864 (exclus. vars.); J.L. Stewart, Punj. Pl. 187. 1869; Stewart & Brandis, For. Fl. N. W. Ind. 374. 1874; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 5:128. 1886 (exclus. Cinnamomum albiflorum, Cinnamomum pauciflorum var. tazia, Laurus tazia); Brandis, Ind. Trees 533. 1906; Kostermans, Bibl. 354-56. 1964, pp.; Chaudhury & Kayal in Bull. Bot. Surv. Ind. 13: 98-100. 1970.

Vern.: Dalchini.

  • Laurus cassia auct. non Linn.: D. Don
  • Laurus sailyana Ham.
  • Laurus soncaurium Ham.
  • Laurus tamala Ham.

    Trees, medium sized, up to 10 m tall; branchlets slender. Terminal bud small, sericeous, 2 bud scales. Leaves sub-opposite or spirally arranged, chartaceous to sub-coriaceous, glabrous in mature specimens, ovate, oblong to lanceolate, 2.5-8 x 7.5-25 cm, apex long acuminate, base acute; above smooth, the main nerves prominulous, below obscurely, densely minutely reticulate, midrib slender, prominent, basal nerves prominent, 4/5 or more of the lamina length, connected by faint, parallel secondary veins, 3-5 mm apart. Petiole slender, up to 1.5 cm long. Panicles axillary or pseudoterminal, slender, many-flowered, up to 10 cm long. Pedicels filiform, 4-8 mm long. Flower tuber short. Tepals oblong, 3-4 mm, inside sericeous. Stamens slightly shorter than the tepals; anthers oval, c. the filament length, 4-celled, of whorls 1 and 2 introrse, of whorl 3, the basal cells extrorse, the smaller upper ones latrorse; gland small, attached to the middle of the filaments. Staminodes as long as the stamens, hastate, long-stipitate. Style thickish, as long as the ovary; stigma small, peltate. Fruit slender, ellipsoid, acutish, up to 7 x 11 mm; cup obconical, fleshy, up to 5 mm high and 7 mm in diameter at the rim, the basal part obconical, merging into the, up to 8 mm long, obconical pedicel; 1-2 mm long basal part of the tepals in fruit hardened, persistent.

    Fl. Per.: May June.

    Type: From Derwani and Gongachora, cultivated in a garden at Rang-poor, Hamilton (BM).

    Distribution: Tropical and subtropical Himalayas from the Indus to Bhutan, ascending to 2000 m in Sikkim.

    The wild cinnamon is rare in our area. The leaves are sold in the bazars as ‘Tamala patra’ or ‘Tez pat’ and are used as a spice. Formerly imported in Europe as Folium indum.


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