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Pakistan | Family List | Juncaceae | Juncus

Juncus elegans Royle ex Buchen. in Bot. Zeit. 146. 1867. R.R. Stewart, l.c.40.

  • Juncus concinnus* sensu Hook.f.

    A slender, loosely tufted, non-stoloniferous perennial with a short, tuberous root-stock; stem (10-) 15-20 (-30) cm tall, with cauline leaves usually exceeding it. Leaves linear, 1-1.5 mm broad, flat, acute, narrowly sheathing at base. Inflorescence of 2-few, pedicelled cymose heads, each consisting of 3-10 flowers usually. Flowers c. 3 mm long, pale whitish subsessile; perianth segments subequal, membranous-glumaceous, outer lanceolate-convex, inner ovate-lanceolate, flat, obtuse, 3-veined. Stamens 6, much exserted; filaments much longer than anthers, exceeding the perianth; anthers 1-1.5 mm long. Capsules broadly ovate, c. 2.5 mm long with beak up to 1 mm long, greyish, many seeded; seeds minute, with unequally produced ends, spotted.

    Fl.Per. July-September.

    Type: Described from the Himalayas, Royle..

    Distribution: Endemic to Himalayas.

    I have not seen any authentic specimen of this species from our area but it may grow in Kashmir. It is known from Chamba eastwards to Sikkim. Mohinder Nath 4484 (RAW), collected from Kulu valley, is the only specimen seen by me. A comparatively larger terminal head with few smaller heads radiating umbellately on 1-2.5 cm long peduncles, with the lowest bract exceedings the flowering heads, easily distin¬guishes it from the previous species.


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