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Annual or perennial herbs, often with tough rigid culms. Leaf-blades linear, often rolled and wiry; ligule membranous. Inflorescence an open or contracted panicle. Spikelets all alike, bisexual, 1-flowered, disarticulating above the glumes at maturity, the rhachilla not produced beyond the floret; glumes thin, membranous or hyaline, 1-3(-5)-nerved, longer than the floret; lemma ± indurated at maturity (except in Trikeraia), 3-7-nerved, clasping the caryopsis with convolute or involute margins, often terete with a sharp bearded callus, awned from the entire or minutely bibbed tip (rarely the lobes produced into stout bristles); awn continuous or articulated with the tip of the lemma, straight, curved or geniculate, often plumose; palea similar to the lemma, 2-nerved; lodicules (2-)3; stigmas 2. Grain with small embryo and linear hilum; starch grains compound. Chromosomes medium-sized, basic numbers 11 and 12.

Genera ± 10; most of the world outside the tropics, often in dry and inhospitable regions; typical of grassy steppes; 3 genera and 29 species in Pakistan.

The tribe is allied to Poeae and Aveneae. Although commonly classed with Aristideae, the resemblance is no more than superficial.

1 Lemma deeply bifid at the apex, the lobes produced into stout scabrid bristles 2-4 mm long   Trikeraia
+ Lemma entire or bifid at the apex, the lobes hyaline, short, rounded or acute   (2)
2 (1) Spikelet ± dorsally compressed; floret dorsally compressed; callus 0.1(-0.3) mm long, scarcely distinct from the lemma, glabrous   Piptatherum
+ Spikelet ± laterally compressed; floret ± laterally compressed to cylindrical; callus conical or cylindrical, obtuse to pungent, 0.3-5 mm long, densely bearded   Stipa

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