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24. Gagea alexii Ali et Levichev, sp. nov. (sect. Incrustatae Levichev). (Fig. 17, C-H).

S. I. Ali and I.G. Levichev

Gagea alexii

Credit: Abrar Ali

  • Gagea schugnanica Vved.
  • Gagea setifolia* auct. non Baker: Vved.

    Affinitas. A Gagea aitchisoniana A.Terracc. perianthii phyllis angustis et acutis, a Gagea circumplexa Vved. radicibus sclerificatis crassis nullis, a Gagea luteoides Stapf pedicellis brevibus et folio radicali longo differt.

    Plantae solitariae, ad 10-15 cm alt. (folium radicale ad 17 cm lg.). Bulbus 8–10 mm in diam., ovoideus, tunicis griseolo-fuscis, tenuiter coriaceis, in collum (0.5-1 cm lg.) fibrillosis continuatis tectus, sine radicibus sclerificatis. Specimina generativa bulbillis destituta. Pedunculus 3-11 cm lg., sectione compresso-rotundatus, ca 2-3 mm in diam. Folium radicale solitarium, lineare, inflorescentiam subduplo superantia, 1-2 mm in diam., sectione compresso-rotundatus. Foliorum peduncle (2)3-5, verticillata, quorum infimum e radicalibus enatum, inflorescentia aequilongum or superans, anguste lanceolatum, 2-3 mm lt., sensim acutatum, sectione naviculare, superiora decrescentia. Inflorescentia 1-3(4)-flora, umbelliformis, pedicellis inaequilongis, elongatis, 0.5-20 mm lg. Perianthii phylla anguste lanceolata, apice acutata, 8-15 mm lg., sub anthesi elongata, 0.9-1.7 mm lt., intus pallide flava, extus viridia, interiora paleimarginata, exterioribus vix breviora et angustiora. Antherae fuscidulae, lineares (3 mm lg.), dehiscentes oblongae (сa 1.7 mm lg.). Ovarium anguste ovale, sessile. Capsula ignota. A.Terracc. in hav ing narrow and pointed tepals, from Gagea circumplexa Vved. in the absence of thick sclerified roots, from Gagea luteoides Stapf in the short pedicels and a long basal leaf.

    Plants solitary, 10-15 cm (basal leaf up to 17 cm) in height. Bulb of 8-10 mm in diameter, oviform, covered by greyish-brown, thin-coriaceous tunics, continued in a fiber-l ike neck (0.5-1 cm long), without sclerified roots. Generative specimens without bulbils. Peduncle 3-11 cm long, pressed-roundish in T.S., about 2-3 mm in diameter. Basal leaf single, linear, almost twice the length of the inflorescence, 1-2 mm broad, in T.S. pressed-roundish. Leaves on peduncle 2-3(-5), in whorl, lower equal to or longer than the inflorescence, narrowly-lanceolate, 2-3 mm broad, gradually pointed, in T.S. keel-shaped, upper diminishing. Inflorescence 1-3(4)-flowered; pedicels of different lengths, get elongated, 0.5-20 mm long. Tepals narrowly-lanceolate, pointed at tip, 8-15 mm long, elongating at anthesis, 0.9-1.7 mm broad, inside pale yellow, outside green, internal pale-bordered, little shorter than the external. Anthers brownish, linear (3 mm long), dehiscence oblong (about 1.7 mm long). Ovary narrowly-oval, sessile. Capsule unknown.

    This species is named in honour of the researcher and the expert of the flora of Central Asia A.I. Vvedensky.

    Fl. Per.: May-July.

    Holotypus: Chitral, Knot ad septentriones Mastuj, inter kurtinis muscorum, perianthii phyla intus flava, extus viridia, 13000 ft, 11.6.1958, J. D. A. Stainton 2847 (BM!).

    Distribution: S.E.Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan (Chitral).

    Species in honorem exploratoris et peritissimi Florae Asiae Mediae cl. A. I. Vvedenskii nominata est.

    Differs from Gagea aitchisoniana


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