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Atractylocarpus Mitten, J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 12: 13. 1869.

[Greek atractos, spindle and carpos, fruit; with spindle-shaped capsule]

Jan-Peter Frahm

Plants in loose to compact tufts, 5--30 mm. Stems radiculose. Leaves erect-patent, lanceolate, ending in a long acumen, entire or with a few teeth at tips; costa filling 1/2--2/3 of the leaf base, excurrent, in transverse section with large adaxial and abaxial hyalocysts, a median band of stereids and 2--4 adaxial stereids; alar cells weakly developed; laminal cells elongate rectangular. Sexual condition dioicous; perigonial leaves from broader base suddenly contracted into a slender subula. Seta yellowish or brownish in age, erect, twisted in the distal part. Capsule erect, elliptical to cylindrical, yellowish, without stomata; operculum longly rostrate; annulus present; peristome 16, teeth divided nearly to the base. Spores 11--19 µm. Calyptra cucullate, fimbriate or entire at base.

Species 3 (2 in the flora): Central America, South America, Asia (Himalayas).

There is considerable confusion involving the use of the name Atractylocarpus (J.-P. Frahm 2000), caused by the fact that the type species of this genus belongs to a genus later described as Campylopodiella. Therefore, the name Atractylocarpus has to be applied to all species included so far in Campylopodiella, and all previous species of Atractylocarpus have to be included in Metzleria. The genus is characterized by a unique transverse section of the costa with a median band of stereids and a few adaxial stereids, which can be seen under the microscope without transverse section as dark band in the middle of the costa.


Frahm, J.-P. and P. L. Redfearn. 1981. Atractylocarpus costaricensis (C. Müll.) Bartr. new to North America North of Mexico, and Campylopus carolinae Grout, new to Florida. Bryologist 84:226--228. Padberg, M. and J.-P. Frahm. 1985. Monographie der Gattung Atractylocarpus Mitt. (Dicranaceae). Cryptogamie Bryol. Lichénol. 6: 315--341. Frahm, J.-P. 2000. New combinations in the genera Atractylocarpus and Metzleria. Tropical Bryology 18: 115--118.

1 Plants usually sterile; alar cells distinct, inflated; leaves 5--8 times as long as wide; basal laminal cells in about six rows.   Atractylocarpus flagellaceus
+ Plants usually with sporophytes; alar cells indistinct, small; leaves 10--13 times as long as wide; basal laminal cells in 15--18 rows.   Atractylocarpus stenocarpus

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