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Atractylocarpus stenocarpus (Wilson) R. H. Zander, Bryologist. 85: 128. 1982.

  • Atractylocarpus costaricensis (J. K. A. Müller) R. S. Williams
  • Campylopodiella stenocarpa (Wilson) P. Müller & J.-P. Frahm
  • Trichostomum stenocarpum Wilson

    Plants in loose tufts, yellowish green; stems erect, 8--15 mm, radiculose proximally, erectopatent or curled when dry. Leaves 3.5--5 mm, narrowly lanceolate, from ovate base gradually narrowed into a long acumen, entire at margins except for a few teeth at the extreme tip; costa filling 1/3-- 2/3 of the leaf base, 175--200 µm wide, excurrent; alar cells weakly differentiated; basal laminal cells in 15--18 rows, hyaline, thin-walled, rectangular, 49--95 ´ 4--20 µm, narrower at margins; distal laminal cells elongate, 74--140 ´ 4--7.5 µm. Perichaetial leaves suddenly contracted from a broadly ovate base. Seta erect, 8-19 mm, sinistrorsely twisted distally. Capsule long-cylindric, 0.4 ´ 2.5--3 mm, yellowish or brownish in age; exothecial cells incrassate, rectangular; operculum reddish brown, 1--1.2 mm. Peristome teeth yellowish brown, lighter at tips, striate below, papillose at tips, about 290 µm long. Spores yellowish green, 11--13 µm. Calyptra entire at base.

    Rotten logs, stumps, soil, bases of trees; Mo.; Central America.

    This species has been considered synonymous with A. flagellaceus by J.-P. Frahm (2000). In North America this species has been found only once, reported from the state of Missouri by J.-P. Frahm and P. L. Redfearn (1981).


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