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Jaegerina J. K. A. Müller, Linnaea. 40: 273. 1876.
[for August Jaeger, 1842--1877, Swiss bryologist]

  • Jaegerinopsis V. F. Brotherus

    Plants 1--5 cm, creeping stolons forming erect stems that are simple or sparsely branched above a very short stipe-like basal portion, shiny yellowish green. Stem leaves dense, not seriate, similar wet or dry, spreading to recurved or squarrose [erect], broad ovate-orbicular [ovate-lanceolate], 1.5--2.5 X 1.0--1.5 mm, concave, weakly plicate; apex acute, base not auriculate or decurrent; margins plane, entire to serrulate; costa short and double or single, reaching to mid-leaf or above, sometimes forked; medial laminal cells sinuose, 35--65 µm, smooth, walls porose; alar cells little differentiated. Branch leaves, if present, similar to stem leaves. [Seta 4--5 mm. Capsule cylindrical; operculum long-rostrate from a low conical base, rostrum inclined, blunt. Calyptra partially covering capsule, hairless, rough with projecting cell ends.]

    Species 12 (1 in the flora); tropical and subtropical regions, se United States, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, n S. America, tropical Africa, Asia, Africa.

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