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5. Taxaceae Gray

Yew Family

Matthew H. Hils

Trees or shrubs evergreen, usually neither resinous nor aromatic (sharp- or foul-odored in Torreya ), dioecious or monoecious. Bark scaly or fissured. Lateral branches well developed, similar to leading shoots; twigs terete, not densely clothed by leaves but ± ridged by decurrent leaf bases; longest internodes less than 1 cm; buds ± inconspicuous. Roots fibrous to woody. Leaves (needles) simple, persisting several years, shed singly, alternate [opposite], spirally arranged but often twisted so as to appear 2-ranked, linear to linear-lanceolate, decurrent; resin canals present or absent. Pollen cones maturing and shed annually, solitary or clustered, axillary on year-old branches, globose to ovoid, sporophylls bearing 2--16 microsporangia (pollen sacs); pollen ± spheric, not winged. Seed cones reduced to 1--2 ovules subtended by inconspicuous, decussate bracts, maturing in 1--2 seasons, axillary on year-old branches. Seeds 1 per "cone," erect, not winged, hard seed coat partially or wholly surrounded by a juicy, fleshy or leathery aril; cotyledons 2.

Genera 5, species 17--20 (2 genera, 5 species in the flora): mainly Northern Hemisphere.


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1 Leaves flexible, without resin canal, apex mucronate, soft-pointed, not sharp to touch; aril scarlet to orange-scarlet, soft, mucilaginous, thick, cup-shaped, open at apex, exposing hard seed coat.   1 Taxus
+ Leaves rigid, stiff, with central resin canal, apex acute, spine-tipped, sharp to touch; aril green or green with purple streaks, leathery, resinous, thin, completely enclosing hard seed coat.   2 Torreya

Lower Taxa


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