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Odontochilus Blume


LEOU, Chong-Sheng

Terrestrial herbs. Stem fleshy, creeping below, erect and leafy above, or more often much branched and long creeping, with terminal shoots ascending or erect. Leaves alternate, ovate, petiolate, oblique at base, bearing 3 grooves above and many ridges beneath; petiole long, conduplicate, forming sheaths at base. Inflorescence terminal, spicate, peduncle often hairy. Flowers few to many, resupinate; sepals free or connate at base, dorsal one forming hood with petals, lateral ones spreading or half opened, saccate at base; petals falcate; lip adnate to base of column, tripartite, hypochile smaller, bisaccate at base, sacs surrounded by base of lateral sepals, mesochile clawed, claw grooved, bearing pectinate lateral flanges, epichile bilobed, lobes wing-like; column stout, erect, with 2 ventral appendages or not; anther 2-celled, sessile or rarely short stalked, spirally twisted at apex; pollinia 2, clavate, asymmetrical, sectile, coated with viscid substance at stalk (caudicle), joined together at tapered stalk and attached to viscidium, without tegula stipe; stigma 2, ventral, separated or connected with narrow strip, rarely fused as single structure; rostellum erect or rarely procumbent, spirally twisted at apex.

About 21 species China, Indonesia and Fiji. Four species in Taiwan.

The status of Odontochilus as a genus has long been debated. Species of Odontochilus are separable from species of Anoectochilus in Taiwan on characters of the gynostemium structure visible in fresh material.


1 Leaves purple, serrulate at margins; stigmatic lobes fused as single structure.   Odontochilus elwesii
+ Leaves green, entire at margins; stigmatic lobes 2, separated or connected.    
2 Sepals pinnately veined; lip 20-25 mm long, white; ovary hairy.   Odontochilus inabai
+ Sepals 1-veined; lip no longer than 19 mm, white or yellow; ovary glabrous.   (3)
3 (2) Lip yellow, lobes of epichile entire at margins; column bearing ventral appendages; rostellum bent to front.   Odontochilus lanceolatus
+ Lip white, epichile minutely toothed at margins; column without ventral appendages; rostellum erect.   Odontochilus brevistylus

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