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Tropidia Lindl.


LEOU, Chong-Sheng

Terrestrial herbs with rigid fleshy roots and small nodular tuberoids. Stems erect, stiff, often tufted. Leaves solitary to many, +/-plicate, with +/- paralleled lateral veins, sheathing at base. Inflorescence a spike, terminal or lateral. Spikes sessile or pedunculate; bracts coriaceous, strongly nerved; ovary 6grooved. Flowers not resupinate; sepals subequal, dorsal one free, lateral ones more or less connate and concave or saccate at base; petals often keeled abaxially; lip sessile at base of column, undivided, cymbiform, base saccate, or with a broad short spur, apex narrowed into a slender, often reflexed tip, disc often with longitudinal ridges; column short, often bent from ovary, more or less 3-lobed; anther erect, on dorsal side of column at position lower than rostellum, surrounded at base by lateral lobes of column; pollinia 2, sectile, each 2-partite, massulae granular, attached by slender stipe to viscidium, viscidium ovate or linear-elliptic; stigma entire; rostellum, erect, terminal on column, lanceolate, bifid.

About 20 species widely distributed in India, Thailand, the Himalaya, southern China, the Malesian region, the Ryukyus, and Central America. Three species in Taiwan.

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