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217. Smallanthus Mackenzie in Small, Man. S.E. Fl. 1406. 1933.

包果菊属 bao guo ju shu

Perennials, annuals, or shrubs, 1-3(-12) m tall. Stems erect. Leaves cauline, opposite, petiolate (petioles usually winged) or sessile; blade usually deltate to ovate, usually palmately lobed, both surfaces hirtellous, pilosulose, or puberulent, gland-dotted (at least abaxially), ultimate margin dentate to denticulate. Capitula radiate, borne singly or 2-5 in crowded, corymbiform arrays; involucres hemispheric, 8-15 mm in diam.; phyllaries persistent, 12 or 13(-25) in 2 series, herbaceous, inner as many as ray florets, more membranous to scarious, narrower and shorter. Receptacles flat to convex, paleate, paleae obovate to spatulate, scarious. Ray florets 7-13(-25+), female, fertile; corollas yellow, white, or orange, tubes hairy, lamina linear to elliptic or ovate. Disk florets (20-)40-80(-150), functionally male; corollas yellow or orange, tubes shorter than abruptly campanulate or funnelform throats, lobes 5, deltate. Achenes obliquely inserted on receptacle, each shed separately from subtending phyllary, obovoid [or quadrangular], somewhat compressed, finely 30-40-ribbed or -striate, not narrowed at bases, not apically beaked; pappus absent (achenes sometimes hairy at apices). x = 16.

About 23 species: Central, North, and South America; two species (both introduced) in China.

See Wells, Brittonia 17(2): 144-159. 1965. See Robinson, Phytologia 39: 47-53. 1978.

1 Leaf blade usually lobed; underground stems without tubers.   1 S. uvedalia
+ Leaf blade unlobed; underground stems tuberous.   2 S. sonchifolius

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