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车轴草族 che zhou cao zu

Authors: Zhi Wei & Michael A. Vincent

Herbs, rarely shrubs. Leaves pinnately or digitately 3-foliolate, rarely 1- or 5-7-foliolate; stipules mostly adnate to petiole, rarely nearly free (Parochetus); leaflets estipellate, veins mostly extended to teeth on margin. Inflorescences various, often capitate or spicate racemes, rarely flowers 1-3 axially; bracts present; bracteoles absent. Calyx campanulate, 5-lobed. Corolla papilionaceous. Stamens diadelphous (9+1) or monadelphous; free parts of filaments filiform or dilated upward; anthers dimorphic or monomorphic (Ononis). Ovary with 1 to numerous ovules; style glabrous. Legumes various: straight, falcate, spirally coiled, or ovate, included in or exserted from calyx, dehiscing by one or both sutures or indehiscent. Seeds estrophiolate.

Six genera and ca. 485 species: mainly distributed in the N temperate regions of the Old World; six genera and 45 species (one endemic, 19 introduced) in China.

1 Anthers dimorphic, alternately dorsifixed or basifixed, either all equal or alternately longer and shorter; perennial herbs or shrubs, usually glandular and villous, sometimes spiny.   158 Ononis
+ Anthers uniform in size and shape, not alternately basifixed and dorsifixed; annual or perennial herbs, not glandular, variably glabrous or hairy, not spiny   (2)
2 (1) Petals persisting after flowering; legume included in or slightly exserted from persistent corolla, inflorescence generally an umbel or dense raceme, sometimes headlike; filaments dilated upward.   159 Trifolium
+ Petals deciduous after flowering; legume as long as or longer than calyx; inflorescence various; filaments not dilated upward   (3)
3 (2) Keel petals acute; prostrate herbs rooting at the nodes; leaves palmately 3-foliolate; flowers 1-3 in long-pedunculate axillary umbels.   160 Parochetus
+ Keel petals obtuse; upright or sprawling herbs, not generally rooting at nodes; leaves pinnately trifoliate; flowers in dense to lax terminal or axillary racemes, or in axillary sessile or shortly pedunculate heads, short racemes, umbels, or rarely solitary   (4)
4 (3) Flowers in slender racemes; ovules few; legumes indehiscent or tardily 2-valved, ovoid, straight, ca. same length as calyx.   161 Melilotus
+ Flowers in heads, short racemes, sessile umbels, rarely solitary; ovules mostly numerous; legumes indehiscent or dehiscent, linear or coiled, flattened or cylindric, longer than calyx   (5)
5 (4) Keel and wing petals possessing an explosive pollination mechanism, due to interlocking projections on adjoining faces of petals; legumes mostly spirally coiled, some flattened and curved, scarcely dehiscent, mostly prickly.   162 Medicago
+ Keel and wing petals lacking explosive pollination mechanism; legumes straight or curved, mostly linear, dehiscent or indehiscent, not prickly.   163 Trigonella

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