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风毛菊群 feng mao ju qun

Authors: Zhu Shi & Eckhard von Raab-Straube

Cauliferous herbs, stemless rosette herbs, or subshrubs, biennial, perennial, or rarely annual. Leaves without spines; leaf blade undivided to pinnatisect, margin entire or with blunt to mucronate non-pungent teeth. Capitula homogamous, bisexual. Phyllaries in several rows, without spines, apically sometimes with a green or purplish membranous or herbaceous appendage or mucronate. Receptacle densely covered with long subulate bristles, short scales, apiculate papillae, or naked and alveolate. Florets bisexual, all fertile. Corolla ± actinomorphic. Filaments distinct, glabrous. Style branches usually distinct and divergent, rarely partly coherent. Achene usually glabrous, sometimes glandular, rarely pubescent or papillose, apical rim inconspicuous or forming a ± developed crenulate or denticulate crown. Pappus homomorphic or heteromorphic, in 1 to several distinct or connate rows of scabrid to plumose bristles or rarely of small scales; inner pappus long, usually overtopping involucre.

About 15 genera and ca. 700 species: NW Africa, Asia, Europe, North America; nine genera (two endemic, one introduced) and 323 species (205 endemic, one introduced) in China.

1 Plants annual; outer pappus an incomplete row of small scales and inner pappus a ring of plumose bristles.   21 Hemisteptia
+ Plants perennial or biennial; pappus of only bristles   (2)
2 (1) Pappus bristles in several rows, of different length, usually scabrid or barbellate, rarely plumose; receptacle with short scales or naked and alveolate, rarely with bristles   (3)
+ Pappus bristles in 1 or 2 rows, with bristles of inner row of same length and always plumose; receptacle usually with ± long, subulate bristles, sometimes naked and alveolate, or with short apiculate papillae   (5)
3 (2) Pappus bristles silvery, dirty white, or white, inserted on a conic cupule, 0.5-1.5 cm; receptacle with short scales or bristles.   14 Jurinea
+ Pappus bristles dirty white, yellowish, brown, or reddish, not inserted on a conic cupule, 1.5-4 cm; receptacle either alveolate or with long bristles   (4)
4 (3) Capitula several and clustered or solitary in center of leaf rosette; phyllaries not densely lanate; receptacle alveolate, naked or with very short apiculate papillae, without bristles.   17 Dolomiaea
+ Capitulum solitary on a subscapose stem; phyllaries densely lanate; receptacle with long bristles.   18 Bolocephalus
5 (2) Pappus in 2 rows; achene smooth, ribbed, or sometimes wrinkled, apical rim inconspicuous or rarely with a short crown   (6)
+ Pappus in 1 row; achene wrinkled or muricate, apical rim always forming a distinct crown   (7)
6 (5) Outer pappus a row of scabrid or rarely plumose caducous bristles (rarely lacking), inner pappus a ring of plumose bristles.   22 Saussurea
+ Outer and inner pappus bristles both plumose and connate with each other into a ring.   15 Diplazoptilon
7 (5) Corolla limb with sessile glands; achene blackish, 2-5 mm, with a dentate crown.   16 Himalaiella
+ Corolla limb glabrous; achene straw-colored or brown with black spots, 5-8 mm, with a crenulate crown   (8)
8 (7) Capitulum solitary, long pedunculate; petiole of basal leaves unwinged.   19 Frolovia
+ Capitula 2-7 and clustered, sessile or subsessile; petiole of basal leaves with a broad lobed wing.   20 Aucklandia


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