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Salicaceae Mirbel

S.I. Ali

Author's institution: Department of Botany, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270

Dioecious,mostly deciduous,trees and shrubs,rarely prostate subshrubs. Leaves alternate, simple, usually stipulate, entire or variously toothed or lobed. Flowers in spicate or racemose catkin,erect or pendulous, each flower subtended by a bract or catkin scale; perianth cupulate (females of Populus) or reduced to 1 or more glands (Salix), rarely absent. Stamens 2 to many, filaments free or connate (partially or completely). Ovary superior, uni or bilocular, parietal placentation, usually with many ovules. Fruit a capsule, seeds many, small, with long silky hairs.

A family with 3 genera and c. 620 species distributed mainly in Northern hemisphere. In Pakistan the family is represented by 2 genera and c. 32 species.

1 Buds with one outer scale; catkin scales entire. Perianth absent or represented by one or more small glands.   1 Salix
+ Buds with many outer scales; both male and female catkins pendulous, catkin scales lobed or dentate or laciniate (not entire). Perianth cupular.   2 Populus

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