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Pakistan | Family List | Passifloraceae

Passiflora Linn., Sp.P1. 955. 1753. Gen. Pl.ed.5.410.1954; Benth.& Hook.f.,Gen. Pl.1:810.1862; Masters in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit. Ind.2:599.1879; Willis, Dict.Fl.Pl. & Ferns ed.7.837.1966; Hutch., Gen.Fl.Pl.2:371.1967.

Passiflora minima

Credit: Azmat

Leaves simple, entire or palmately 3-7 lobed, rarely bilobed; stipules setaceous or foliaceous or absent; petiole glandular. Inflorescence of solitary axillary flowers on articulated peduncle or 2-more flowered small cyme, rarely racemose or fasciculate. Flowers pedicellate, mostly bisexual, often large and showy; hypanthium cup-shaped or campanulate, perigynous. Sepals 4-5, horned outside below the apex, fleshy or membranous. Petals 4-5, rarely absent. Corona uni or multiseriate, fleshy. Stamens 4-5, filaments flat, basally connate into a tube and adnate to gynophore, separating below ovary, subreflexed, anthers versatile. Ovary tricarpellary, syncarpous, stipitate on somewhat angular or cylindric gynophore; styles 3, free or basally somewhat united, stigmas 3, capitate. Fruit oblong to globose, pulpy berry, rarely somewhat trivalved capsule. Seeds flat, mostly ovate, with minutely pitted testa; embryo with foliaceous cotyledons.

About 500 species, mainly of tropical and subtropical America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and 1 in Madagascar.

1 Flowers small, c. 1 cm across, ebracteate. Petals absent. Fruit globose   Passiflora minima
+ Flowers large, more than 4 cm across, bracteate. Petals 5. Fruit ovoid-globose or oblong-ovoid   (2)
2 (1) Leaves oblate-orbicular, deeply 5-lobed, lobes with glandular margin; stipules reniform with serrate glandular margin   Passiflora coerulea
+ Leaves broad ovate. 3-lobed, lobes with serrate or ciliate margin; stipules linear, or tripinnatisect   (3)
3 (2) Petiole with 2 sessile glands at the base of lamina. Leaf lobes with serrate margin; stipules linear   Passiflora incarnata
+ Petiole glandless. Leaf lobes with ciliate margin; stipules tripinnatisect with gland tipped segments   Passiflora foetida

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