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Asteraceae tribe Plucheeae

Herbs, shrubs or small trees. Leaves mostly alternate, rarely subopposite, entire, dentate, serrate, lobed or pinnatifid, sometimes decurrent forming stem wings, capitula disciform or radiate. Phyllaries imbricate, usually multiseriate, scarious or herbaceous. Receptacle generally flat, epaleate, rarely paleate. Outer florets, female, filiform, disc florets perfect or functionally male, usually 4-5-lobed. Anthers calcarate, caudate or ecaudate, endothecial tissue of elongate cells, radial or rarely polarized. Style with oblong-linear branches, with the hairs on the branches reaching far down the shaft below the bifurcation, hairs obtuse or sometimes ± acute, stigmatic area in two apically confluent lines. Cypselas ellipsoid, turbinate or triquetrous, glabrous or hairy with straight or uncinate twin hairs; pappus monomorphic either of barbellate capillary setae or of elongated free or connate scales.

A small tribe with about 28 genera and c. 220 species, distributed in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia; represented in Pakistan by 5 genera and 8 species.

1 Stem not winged; petiole not decurrent.   (2)
+ Stem either with a continuous or discontinuous wing or petiole decurrent with 1-3 pairs of lobes.   (4)
2 (1) Anthers ecaudate.   Blumeopsis
+ Anthers caudate.   (3)
3 (2) Disc florets functionally male, style entire or almost undivided, rarely divided.   Pluchea
+ Disc florets perfect. Style deeply divided.   Doellia
4 (1) Petiole ducurrent forming a continuous wing or line of herbaceous teeth. Anthers ecaudate.   Laggera
+ Petiole decurrent but not forming a continuous wing with 1-3 pairs of lobes only. Anthers caudate.   Pseudoconyza

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