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Pakistan | Family List | Pakistan V. 206 | Cyperaceae | Blysmus

1b. Blysmus compressus subsp. brevifolius (Decne.) Kukkonen, Ann. Bot. Fenn. 32: 154. 1995; Kukkonen in Rech.f., l.c. 46.

Scirpus brevifolius Decne. in Jacquem., Voy. Ind. 4, Bot.: 173. 1844. Scirpus caricis Retz. var. brevifolius (Decne.) C.B.Clarke, in J.D. Hooker (ed.), Fl. Br. India 6: 660. 1893; Leptolepis tibetica Boecklr., Beitr. Cyper. 1: 31. 1888; B. sinocompressus Tang & Wang, l.c.: 224. 1961. S. caricis Retz. var. dissitus (Duthie) C.B. Clarke ex C.B.Clarke in Hook.f., l.c.: 661. 1893. S. caricis Retz. var. sikkimensis C.B. Clarke l.c.: 661. 1893; Tang & Wang, Fl. Reipubl. Pop. Sinicae, 11: fig. 16,1-4. 1961.

Rhizome stoloniferous, 1-2.5 mm diam. Stem trigonous above and scabrous along edges. Leaves rather flexuous; blades 2.2-6 mm wide, folded or channelled, margins scabrous. Spikes with 3-5 glumes; glumes 4.9-6.3 mm, scarious, acute, midnerve reaching apex. Perianth bristles 4-5, to 5 mm, their base much twisted; anthers 3-3.5 mm; style to 4 mm. Nut 1.8-2.3 mm.

Fl. Per.: May - July.

Type: W Himalaya, V. Jacquemont (P).

Wet meadows in the mountains, lake shores, along rivulets, 2300-3300 m; Distribution: From Dzhungarskii Alatau S to Pamirs (Ikonnikov, Definitorium plantarum vascularium Badachschaniae, 1979), E. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Himalayas, China, Mongolia, S. Central Siberia.

Blysmus compressus subsp. brevifolius is characterized by distally trigonous stem, with edges often scabrous, and much twisted basal part of perianth bristles. However, variation range of Blysmus compressus within the Central Asian populations is wide and some plants have formerly been treated at species or varietal rank. More study is required. Some slender plants may superficially resemble Blysmus rufus (Hudson) Link.


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