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Pakistan | Family List | Fumariaceae | Corydalis

Corydalis pakistanica Jafri, sp. nov..

Corydalis pakistanica

Credit: Azmat

Valde similis Corydalis thyrsiflorae Prain sed planta tenui, gracili, racemis minoribus, segmentis ultimis foliis ovato-oblongis, capsulis oblongis vel oblanceolatis, 8-10 mm longis differt.

Herba perennis, adscendens, caulibus (15-) 20-40 cm altis, foliatis, ad apicem in regione inflorescentis ramosis, glabris, subglaucis; radix elongata; folia radicalia elongata, longe petiolata, circa caulis aequilonga, 3-5-juga, 2-3-pinatisecta; pinnae plerumque 15-30 mm longa, 10-20 mm lata, petiolulata, 3-5-pinnulata; pinnulis subsessilis vel breve petiolulatis, 6-15 mm diam., profunde 4-5 lobulatis; lolulis ultimis oblongo-ovatis, acutis, minute mucronatis, 3-10 (-15) mm. longis, 2-4 (-7) mm latis. Folia caulina inferiora similis; folia superiora breviora. Racemis axillaris et terminalis, brevis, 3-6 cm longis 15-20-floris. Bracteis 10-30 mm. longis superioris linearo-lanceolatis, integris acutis, inferioris valde similis foliis superioris. Flores 15-17 mm longis calcaris inclusis; sepelis minutis c. 1 mm diam., dentculatis, membranaceis. Lamina petala superiora et calcara acquilonga, dorse carinata, carinum elongatum ad apicem obtusa vel subrotundata; calcaris cylindricis, sub curvatis; petala inferiora similis, ad basin subsaccata. Capsulis oblongis, 8-10 mm longis, 2.5-3 mm latis, subobtusis vel acutis, 6-8-spermis, deflexis; stylis 2-3 mm longis, ad apicem curvatis, stigmatis latis; pedicelis 8-12 mm longis; spermis c. 1.5 mm diam., sub-biseriatis, nigris.

A diffuse or ascending perennial herb, (15-) 20-40 cm tall, leafy, usually branched above including the inflorescence, glabrous green or subglaucous; rootstock slender, covered with withered sheathing leaf bases. Radical leaves reaching the base of the inflorescence, 10-20 (-25) cm long, 2-3-pinnatisect, stalked with stalk often shorter than the lamina; pinnae (3-) 4-5, subopposite or in alternate pairs and a terminal one, petioluled, (10-) 15-30 (-40) mm long, 10-20 (-25) mm broad, with 3-5 lobes or pinnules; pinnules subsessile or very shortly petioluled, 6-12 (-15) mm in diam., usually deeply 4-5 lobuled; lobules (ultimate segments) oblong-ovate, acute often minutely mucronate, 3-10 (-15) mm long, 2-4 (-7) mm broad. Lower cauline leaves similar to the radical leaves but somewhat smaller; upper cauline leaves (often bearing short flowering branches) small, sessile, deeply dissected with few contiguous lobes and lobules. Racemes short, dense, terminal, usually on short branches in the region of inflorescence, 3-6 cm long, 15-20-flowered, becoming slightly lax later on; bracts linear-lanceolate to foliaceous, 10-30 mm long, lower dissected and like the upper cauline leaves; upper ones entire, acute, slightly exceeding the pedicels. Flowers yellow, 15-17 mm long, including spur about half as long and slightly down-curved near its base, slender. Sepals minute, 1 mm in diam., denticulate, whitish membranous. Upper petal dorsally winged with wing reaching the lamina base and tips of spur, rounded or obtuse at apex; lower petal similarly winged slightly saccate at base. Capsule oblong, 8-10 mm long, 2.5-3 mm broad, acute or subobtuse, 6-8-seeded, deflexed on slightly longer pedicels; style 2-3 mm long, curved above with broad stigmas; seeds c. 1.5 mm in diam., sub-biseriate, shining black.

Type: Pakistan, Hazara Dist.: Gittidas, 9. VIII. 1954 Metz 144 (RAW).

Distribution: Pakistan and Kashmir.

A slender, less robust herb than Corydalis thyrsiflora Prain, but closely resembling it; leaf-segments not so acute, lax; racemes smaller and not so congested, flowers narrow and slender and fruits oblong or oblanceolate. This is more common in Pakistan, while the previous species is confined to Kashmir.


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