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Corydalis Medik., Philosoph. Bot. 96. 1789. DC., Fl. Fr. 4:636. 1805 et Prod. Syst. Nat. 2:113. 1821; Boiss., Fl. Or. 1:126. 1867; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:121. 1872; Fedde in Engl. & Prantl, Natur. Pflanzenfam. ed. 2, 17 b: 121. 1936; Popov in Komarov, Fl. U.R.S.S., ed. 2, 7:649. 1937; Davis & Cullen in Davis, Fl. Turk. 1:238. 1965.

Corydalis pakistanica

Credit: Azmat

  • Cysticorydalis Fedde

    Glabrous, glaucous or subglaucous, usually perennial herbs, erect to diffuse, often with a whorl of radical leaves and none to many cauline leaves; rootstock rhizomatous, tuberous or bulbous. Leaves (1-) 2-3(-4)-ternate, basal petiolate with usually sheathing bases. Racemes bracteate and terminal, simple and branched, often elongating in fruit and becoming lax. Flowers zygomorphic with the upper petal only spurred, mostly yellow or purplish (pink or bluish violet), rarely white or blue. Sepals 2, small, scarious or white-membranous, caducous. Petals 4; outer 2 dissimilar, upper (posterior) spurred or gibbous at the base or below, lower (anterior) flat or concave (subsaccate) at the base, smaller and ± equalling the lamina of the upper petal, both often winged at the back and margin expanded ; 2 inner narrower, about as long as the lower petal, sometimes clawed and cohering at the tip. Stamens 2, each 3-partite (sometimes referred as 6, diadelphous) and with dimorphous anthers (mid anthers dithecous and laterals monothecous); upper (posterior) one usually with a basal tail enclosed in the petal spur. Ovary 1-celled, usually many ovuled; style filiform with 2, often dilated stigmas, becoming curved at the tip at a later stage. Capsule ovoid, oblong, elliptic or linear, dehiscing by ± membranous, slightly to conspicuously tumid or inflated valves, falling when ripe and leaving the seed bearing placenta attached to the style; seed suborbicular or reniform, usually shining black and arillate.

    A large genus with nearly 300 species, chiefly of north temperate region and mostly Eurasian; only 28 species are reported from our area.

    A difficult genus which badly needs revision. Underground parts and notes on flower colour are lacking in the material now available in our local herbaria; these must be provided in future collections in the region.

    1 Radical leaves absent; cauline leaves 2, opposite (rarely subopposite)   (2)
    + Radical leaves (or basal leaves) present; cauline leaves 0-many, variously arranged   (3)
    2 (1) Upper petals with winged margins, broad, apex emarginate. Flowers large, showy with much curved spurs   Corydalis diphylla
    + Upper petals without winged margins, narrow, apex acute or slightly acuminate. Flowers not showy with spur not so curved   Corydalis murreeana
    3 (1) Rootstock tuberous, scaly (bulb-l ike). Flowers blue or bluish (rarely whitish)   (4)
    + Rootstock slender, often fusiform, rarely ending in in tuberous roots, usually without scales. Flowers usually yellow   (5)
    4 (3) Rootstock bulb-l ike with few scale leaves and tube- rous branches below. Cauline leaves 1-2, above the middle of stem, often subopposite. Capsules linear-oblong, 15-18 mm long, c.3 mm broad   Corydalis cashmeriana
    + Rootstock a tuber divided below, with usually 2-3 scale leaves between the tuber and the lowest leaf. cauline leaves 2-4, alternate. Capsules obovate- elliptic, 10-15 mm long, c.5 mm broad   Corydalis alpestris
    5 (3) Rootstock slender, narrow, elongated rhizome with few, scattered scale-leaves, often ending into a spindle shaped tuber   Corydalis falconeri
    + Rootstock thickened, fusiform or slender, without scale-leaves, rarely very short or plants with normal tap roots   (6)
    6 (5) Rootstock almost absent or very short and branched with tap roots   (7)
    + Rootstock thickened, fusiform or slender, often branched and covered with sheathing withered leaf-bases   (8)
    7 (6) Capsule oblong-obovate, terminal leaf segments extended   Corydalis cornuta
    + Capsule linear, rarely slightly oblong, terminal leaf segments not so extended   Corydalis stewartii
    8 (6) Upper petal dorsally not winged, spur very short (c. 1/4 of the flower length), down curved and gibbous, bracts scarious or membranous, bud apex conspicuously globose with mucronulate apex and narrowed slender limb   (9)
    + Upper petal dorsally winged, spur 1/3 - 3/4 as long as the flower length (mostly as long as the lamina of upper petal), down curved to almost straight, not gibbous at the base, bud apex not so globose and with ± winged limb   (14)
    9 (8) Leaves simply pinnate, pinnae fan-shaped, obovate-suborbicular, often trilobulate and denticulate   (10)
    + Leaves 2-3-pinnatisect, pinnae elongated, much dissected with ultimate segments short, ovate to sublinear   (12)
    10 (9) Sepals suborbicular to ovate with lacerate margin (much dissected and with thread-l ike short appendages)   Corydalis flabellata
    + Sepals ovate to linear, entire or denticulate sometimes slightly lacerate below   (11)
    11 (10) Sepals 3-5 mm long, ovate-linear, sublacerate or much dissected below, bracts as long as the pedicels   Corydalis adiantifolia
    + Sepals 1 mm long, ovate, almost entire, bracts shorter than pedicels, c.2 mm long   Corydalis schelesnowiana
    12 (9) Sepals 8-12 mm long, linear with tailed apex   Corydalis urosepala
    + Sepals 2-4 mm long, ovate linear, acute, without tailed apex   (13)
    13 (12) Inflorescence much exceeding the radical leaves, stem leafy   Corydalis stricta
    + Inflorescence not exceeding the radical leaves, stem leafless   Corydalis rupestris
    14 (8) Spur more than half (c. 3/4) the length of flower, or longer than the lamina of upper petal   (15)
    + Spur half or less than half of the length of flower, or as long or shorter than the lamina of upper petal   (16)
    15 (14) Bracts elongated, linear and entire, ultimate leaf segments longer, linear, (5-) 8-15 mm long   Corydalis crithmifolia
    + Bracts elongated but much dissected above with linear segments to almost entire, ultimate leaf segments ovate-oblong, shorter, 2-5 (-7) mm long   Corydalis pseudocrithmifolia
    16 (14) Spur less than half (usually 1/3) the length of flowers or shorter than the lamina of upper petal   (17)
    + Spur half the length of flower (or as long as the lamina of upper petal)   (20)
    17 (16) Leaves 3-lobed with crenulate margin, fruit vary inflated broadly ovoid to suborbicular, larger (c.2 cm in diam.)   Corydalis crassifolia
    + Leaf segments many, narrow, ovate to oblong or linear, acute, fruits oblong-ellipsoid, not so inflated   (18)
    18 (17) Spur narrow, slender, somewhat acute, leaf segments oblong to sub-orbicular   Corydalis longipes
    + Spur broad, blunt or obtuse, leaf segments linear   (19)
    19 (18) Leaf segments vary narrow, less than 1 mm broad, linear-acute, bracts much dissected with thin segments   20 Corydalis meifolia
    + Leaf segments linear-oblong, 1-1.5 mm broad, apex acute to subrounded or obtuse, bracts mostly entire or the lower broad denticulate   Corydalis sikkimensis
    20 (16) Ultimate segments of leaf linear, small, bracts segmented l ike leaf but smaller   (21)
    + Ultimate segments of leaf ovate, oblong or sub-orbicular, upper bracts entire, lower denticulate or dissected   (22)
    21 (20) Plants short, condensed, petiole (including leaf base) broad or sheathing   Corydalis hendersonii
    + Plants lax, only leaf base sheathing   Corydalis pulchella
    22 (20) Plants glaucous, ± glandular-pilose, leaf segments oblong or sub-orbicular, capsule oblong   (23)
    + Plant subglaucous or somewhat green, leaf segments linear-ovate, acute, capsule short, elliptic   (24)
    23 (22) Leaf segments oblong (-linear), inflorescence 3-8 (-12)- flowered, not exceeding the radical leaves, fruit 6-8 mm long with style nearly as long   Corydalis tibetica
    + Leaf segments ovate-oblong to sub-orbicular, inflorescence dense, many flowered, slightly to conspicuously exceeding the radical leaves, fruit 10-12 mm long with style about half as long (or less)   17 Corydalis gortschakovii
    24 (22) Inflorescence exceeding the radical leaves, stem leafy, branched, leaf segments small, bracts linearly segmented   (25)
    + Inflorescence not or hardly exceeding the radical leaves, stem simple, 0-2-leaved, leaf segments ± broad, bracts entire to denticulate, rarely segmented   (27)
    25 (24) Inflorescence ± thyrsoid, often branched below   (26)
    + Inflorescence neither thyrsoid nor branched below   Corydalis vaginans
    26 (25) Capsule ellipsoid, 5-7 mm long, c.4 mm broad. Flower spur robust. Laef-segments linear-ovate. Inflorescence dense, 30-40-flowered   Corydalis thyrsiflora
    + Capsule oblong, 8-10 mm long, 2.5-3 mm broad. Flower spur slender. Leaf-segments ovate. Inflorescence short, somewhat lax, 15-20-flowered   Corydalis pakistanica
    27 (24) Cauline leaves usually 4, in 2 pairs, opposite or subopposite. Flowers 7-9 mm broad, style c. half as long as the ovate capsule   Corydalis clarkei
    + Cauline leave usually 2, opposite, below the middle of the stem. Flowers 3-4 mm broad, style c. 1/4 as long as the oblong capsule.   Corydalis govaniana

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