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Pakistan | Family List | Labiatae | Otostegia

2. Otostegia aucheri Boiss., Diagn. Pl. Or. Nov. set. 1, 5: 40. 1844. Burkill, Work. List Fl. Pl. Baluch. 61. 1909; Blatter et al. in Journ. Ind. Bot. 1: 236. 1921; Mukerjee in Rec. Bat. Surv. Ind. 14, 1: 157. 1940; Hedge & Lamond in Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 28: 126. 1968; Stewart, Ann. Cat. Vasc. Pl. W. Pak. & Kashm. 627. 1972; Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 150: 348, t. 313. 1982.

I.C. Hedge

Shrub c. 50 cm, much branched, glabrous in all parts except corolla. Stems ridged-angled, rather slender. Leaves with sessile oil globules, oblanceolate, c. 20-35 x 3-7 mm, margins quite entire, apically acuminate, obtuse or acute with a single spiny tip, subsessile; leaves mostly in lower parts of stem; spines present in all leaf axils. Verticillasters 6-10-flowered, all remote. Spines sturdy, c. 10 mm, horizontally spreading or recurred. Flowers sessile. Calyx glabrous, coriaceous, glaucous, 10-nerved, bilabiate; tube 10-12 mm long, glabrous at throat; lower lip ovate, subentire, mucronate or not, about as long as tube in flower, prominently reticulate-veined, much expanded in fruit, whitish and reflexed; upper lip 3-lobed, middle lobe slightly larger than ovate laterals, mucronate, much shorter and smaller than lower lip. Corolla white; tube c. 8 mm, not or scarcely exserted from the calyx tube; upper lip c. 5 mm long, densely villous. Nutlets (immature) glabrous, prominently truncate.

Type: In Persia australi, Aucher 5122 (G - microfiche!).

Distribution: S. Iran, Pakistan.

The spinulose-tipped leaves and the large white reflexed lower lip of the fruiting calyx are characteristic features.


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