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Tritomaria exsectiformis (Breidler) Loeske

  • Jungermannia exsectiformis Breidler

    Plants ca. 0.5--3 cm ´ 1.5--2 mm, ascending, green to brownish. Stems 0.2--0.3 mm diam., sparsely branching, transverse section with 2--3 cortical cells and 12--18 medullary cells; rhizoids colorless to brownish. Leaves succubous, contiguous to imbricate, conduplicate-concave, ovate to oblong-ovate, 0.8--1.2 ´ 0.5--0.8 mm, unequally 2--3-lobed (median lobes often absent); antical lobes smaller than postical lobes, apex acuminate to acute, margins entire; cells rounded-rectangular, marginal cells 14--18 ´ 18--22 m m, median cells 14--22 ´ 20--35 m m, basal cells 20--25 ´ 28--40 m m, cuticle strongly verruculose, walls thin, trigones strongly bulging; oil bodies 5--12 per cell, spherical to ovoid, 3--5 ´ 4--6 m m, granular, grayish; underleaves absent. Specialized asexual reproduction by gemmae in masses at apices of shoots, rust-red or bright red, polygonal to pyriform, 12--25 ´ 10--25 m m, 2-celled. Sexual condition dioicous. Androecia terminal, often with gemmae at tips, male bracts similar to leaves, 3-lobed, with antheridia, 1--2 androus, antheridial stalk 1-seriate. Gynoecia terminal, female bracts larger than leaves, ovate, 3--4-lobed. Perianth free from the bracts, cylindrical, 4--6 plicate, mouth constricted, lobulate with teeth 2--5 cells long. Capsule ovoid, walls 2--4-stratose, exterior walls with nodular thickenings, interior walls with semiannular thickenings, reddish-brown. Elaters ca. 7--10 m m diam., 2-spiral, reddish-brown. Spores 9--12 m m, papillose.

    Subspecies 2 (2 in the flora): widely distributed across the northern part of the floral range.

    1 Leaf cells 18--22 ´ 20--35 m m in midleaf; gemmae irregularly polygonal to pyriform, rust-red, 15--25 ´ 12--20 m m; widespread.   Tritomaria exsectiformis subsp. exsectiformis
    + Leaf cells 14--16 ´ 20--25 m m in midleaf; gemmae angulate, bright reddish, 12--25 ´ 10--25 m m; arctic.   Tritomaria exsectiformis subsp. arctica

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