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Gastrochilus D. Don


Small epiphytic herbs without pseudobulbs. Stems elongate or rather short, erect prostrate, rooting from whole length or near base, with many distichous or nearly clustered leaves. Leaves fleshy, more or less coriaceous, often twisted at base with lower surfaces facing substrate; sheaths persistent, often closely clasping stem. Racemes lateral, produced from stem; peduncle rather short. Flowers 2-6, perianth widely spreading, fleshy; sepals and petals similar, oblong or ovate, free; lip firmly attached to base of column, consisting of a cup-like or conic sac or spur (hypochile) and a central limb (epichile or terminal lobe), sac adnate to base of column, with wide opening, without appendages inside; limb spreading, perpendicular to sac, large or small, often with a thick callus or cushion in center, margin entire or ciliate to fimbriate; column stout, truncate apically, without foot; anther terminal, opercular, 1-celled or with reduced partitions; pollinia 2, waxy, nearly globose, porate or slightly notched, connected to a long narrow stipe, stipe with a basally furcate viscidium at base; stigma entire, concave; rostellum short, bifid.

About 50 species, from Japan and China, westward to the Himalaya and southward to Indonesia. Nine species in Taiwan.

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