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16. Paragymnopteris K. H. Shing, Indian Fern J. 10: 227. 1994.

金毛裸蕨属 jin mao luo jue shu

Authors: Zhang Gangmin & Tom A. Ranker

Plants usually epilithic, xeric. Rhizomes erect or decumbent, short, dictyostelic, scaly and villous; scales tan, linear or subulate, margins entire. Fronds monomorphic, clustered; stipe chestnut-brown, lustrous, terete, densely villous distally; lamina oblong-lanceolate, 1- or 2-pinnate, papery or leathery, soft, densely tan (gray when old), fine sericeous throughout (especially abaxially), or with pellucid, lanceolate, entire, and imbricately arranged scales abaxially. Ultimate pinnules or segments ovate, oblong, or oblong-lanceolate, base rounded or cordate, margins entire, apex obtuse or rounded. Veins free, pinnately branched and divergent distally, or occasionally connected near frond margin. Indusia absent. Sori linear, following entire course or distal portion of veins, covered with hairs or scales, somewhat revealed when mature. Spores globose-tetrahedral, perispore cristate. x = 30.

About five species: Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Russia, Thailand; Europe; five species (two endemic) in China.

1 Lamina densely covered with imbricately arranged ovate-lanceolate scales abaxially   (2)
+ Lamina densely sericeous abaxially   (3)
2 (1) Lamina 1-pinnate; stipe covered with jointed long hairs or subglabrous; rachis glabrous adaxially; plants usually on bare limestone rocks.   1 P. delavayi
+ Lamina 1-pinnate-pinnatifid; stipe covered with fibrous scales; rachis sparsely scaly adaxially; plants in crevices of non-calcareous rocks.   2 P. marantae
3 (1) Lamina 1-pinnate; pinnae rounded at base (occasionally proximal pinnae somewhat cordate at base); veins connected near frond margin.   3 P. vestita
+ Lamina 1- or 2-pinnate; pinnae or pinnules strongly cordate or with 1 or 2 segments at base; veins free, not connected near frond margin   (4)
4 (3) Lamina 1- or 2-pinnate; pinnules ovate, 7-14 mm.   4 P. bipinnata
+ Lamina 2-pinnate; pinnules ovate-deltoid or hastate, 4-5 mm.   5 P. sargentii

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