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Pakistan | Family List | Plumbaginaceae

Limonium Miller, Gard. Dict. Abridg. ed. 4. 1754. Nom. conserv.

  • Statice Linn.

    Perennial or rarely annual herbs or shrubs. Caudex usually short, more or less woody, branched, rarely long and strongly branched with ligneous branches. Leaves usually in basal rosettes, sometimes in fascicular rosettes on the scape branches, very rarely present in numerous dense facsicles along the ligneous branches. Spikelets aggregated into spikes of varying length and compactness, terminating the branches of the inflorescence. Calyx funnel-shaped, obconical to nearly tubular, more or less scarious, straight or oblique in the lower region; limb 5-lobed; nerves thick usually terminating below the margin, very rarely excurrent. Corolla 1.5 times as long as the calyx; petals distinct, slightly connate at the base. Stamens free, adnate at the very bases to the petals. Ovary subovoid, style distinct from ovary; styles five, quite free at the base; stigmas cylindrically filiform.

    The genus contains about 300 species of salt steppe maritimes and mountainous regions, distributed through all parts of the world, but especially numerous in Eurasia. There are only 4 native species on record from W. Pakistan.

    1 Leaves pinnatifid to pinnatisect; scapes broadly winged   Limonium sinuatum
    + Leaves entire; scape branches more or less terete   (2)
    2 (1) Leaves on ligneous branches, up to 2.5 cm long   Limonium stocksii
    + Leaves in basal rosettes, more than 3 cm long   (3)
    3 (2) Spikelits usually 1-2-flowered, scattered along the scape branches   Limonium cabulicum
    + Spikelets usually more than 3-flowered, occurring in clusters along the scape branches   (4)
    4 (3) Spikelets 3-4-flowered; petals bifid   Limonium macrorhabdon
    + Spikelets 5-6-flowered; petals not bifid   Limonium gilesii

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