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Pakistan | Family List | Brassicaceae

Sisymbrium Linn., Sp. Pl. 657. 1753. Gen. Pl. ed. 5: 296.1754; Schulz in Engler, Pflanzenr. 86(IV. 105): 46.1924; in Engl. & Prantl, l.c. 590; Vas. in Kom., l.c. 38; Hedge in Davis, l.c. 481; in Rech.f., l.c. 311.

Sisymbrium officinale

Credit: Azmat

Annual, biennial or perennial herbs, usually subglabrous or sparsely hairy with simple hairs. Leaves mostly lyrate-pinnatipartite, lower petiolate; upper sessile to subsessile. Racemes many flowered, elongated in fruit. Flowers small or mediocre, mostly yellow; pedicels often spreading and ± thickened. Sepals erect, not or slightly saccate at base. Petals nearly twice as long as the sepals, oblong-obovate, narrowed into a claw. Stamens 6; filaments not appendaged but often broadened at base; anthers oblong, obtuse or subobtuse. Lateral nectar glands annular, quadrate or hexangular; middle glands joining the laterals, often torose or short stalk-like. Ovary linear-cylindrical, sessile, usually many ovuled; style short, thickened with depressed, ± 2-lobed, capitate stigma. Siliquae linear-subcylindrical, erect to spreading, often elongated, bilocular, dehiscent; valves ± convex and 3-veined, usually glabrous; septum hyaline, rarely subfun¬gose; seeds 1-seriate, usually many, oblong or ellipsoid, brown, not mucilaginous when wet; radicle mostly incumbent.

Nearly 70 species, mostly in Temperate Zones; only 8 recorded from our area.

1 Siliquae ± conical, tapering towards the apex; pedicels short, inconspicuous   (2)
+ Siliquae linear-subcylindrical, slightly to obscurely narrowed above, often elongated; pedicels often long, conspicuous   (3)
2 (1) Siliquae 10-15(-17) mm long, appressed to the axis   Sisymbrium officinale
+ Siliquae 20-30(-40) mm long, erect or subspreading, not appressed to the axis   Sisymbrium erysimoides
3 (1) Pedicels c. as thick as the pod   (4)
+ Pedicels slightly or not thickened in fruit   (5)
4 (3) Cauline leaves almost entire, often subhastate or hastate, terminal lobe oblong or sublanceolate   Sisymbrium orientale
+ Cauline leaves deeply lobed with linear or filiform lobes   Sisymbrium altissimum
5 (3) Petals (2-) 2.5-4 (-4.5) mm long   (6)
+ Petals (5-) 6-9 mm long   (7)
6 (5) Siliquae 25-40 mm long, ascending; stigma ± 2-lobed   Sisymbrium irio
+ Siliquae 60-80 mm long, spreading, stigma depressed- capitate   Sisymbrium heteromallum
7 (5) Siliquae 20-40 mm long, ascending   Sisymbrium loeselii
+ Siliquae (50-) 60-80 mm long, usually spreading horizontally   Sisymbrium brassiciforme

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