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Pakistan | Family List | Papilionaceae

Trifolium Linn., Sp.P1. 764. 1753. Gen.Pl.ed.5.337.1754; Baker in Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 2:86.1876.

Annual or perennial herbs. Leaf trifoliolate, rarely (not in the local species) digitately 5-9-foliolate, leaflets mostly dentate; stipules adnate to petiole. Inflorescence a sessile or pedunculate head or short raceme or solitary. Bracts present or absent. Calyx variable, accrescent or inflated, teeth equal or unequal. Corolla pink, red to purple, white or yellow, persistent. Stamens diadelphous, 9+1, vexillary stamens free, anthers uniform. Ovary with few ovules, style incurved, stigma capitate. Fruit usually included in calyx, often indehiscent, 1-2 (-12)-seeded.

A genus with about 300 species, distributed in temperate regions with centres of distribution in the Mediterranean region, Ethiopia, California and Chile; locally represented by 8 species, including 4 introduced species.

1 Calyx teeth almost twice the length of the cup   (2)
+ Calyx teeth less than twice the length of the cup (almost as long as the cup   (3)
2 (1) Calyx cup c. 3 mm long; inflorescence sessile or rarely pedunculate. Corolla reddish-purple to pink, rarely whitish   Trifolium pratense
+ Calyx cup c. 1.5-2 mm long; inflorescence peduncled. Corolla cream coloured with pink spot on top of keel   Trifolium carmeli
3 (1) Calyx becoming papery and swollen in fruit   (4)
+ Calyx not becoming swollen and papery in fruit   (5)
4 (3) Perennial, leaflet obtuse or retuse   Trifolium fragiferum
+ Annual, leaflet generally acute   Trifolium resupinatum
5 (3) Vexillum 8-13 mm long   (6)
+ Vexillum c. 3-4 mm long   Trifolium dubium
6 (5) Leaflets obcordate to obovate   (7)
+ Leaflets elliptic to linear   Trifolium alexandrianum
7 (6) Inflorescence globose   Trifolium repens
+ Inflorescence oblong-ovoid to cylindrical   Trifolium incarnatum

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