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Pakistan | Family List | Umbelliferae

Platytaenia Nevski et Vved. in Acta Inst. Bot. Acad. Sc. URSS ser. 1, 4. 270. 1937. Rech. f. & Riedl in Biol. Skr. 13, 4. 103. 1963.

Perennial, 10-70 cm tall, shrubby. Stem base with a number of persistent leaf bases. Stems many from the base. Leaves pinnate to bipinnate; segments linear to ovate. Involucre of a few bracts or lacking. Rays 1-12. Involucel of 5-6 linear bractlets or lacking. Calyx teeth obsolete to minute. Petals white to yellow. Fruit strongly dorsally compressed, furrows 1-vittate; commissure 2-vittate; vittae thin, extending to the base of the fruit. Inner seed face plane.

A genus of about 10 species extending from Central Asia to Iran, Afghanistan and W. Pakistan.

1 Plants glabrous. Bracts and bractlets lacking. Ovary glabrous   Platytaenia kuramensis
+ Plants pubescent or glabrous. Bracts and bractlets present. Ovary pubescent   (2)
2 (1) Plants pubescent. Pinnae broadly ovate, up to 1 cm long, scabrous to puberulous; stalks of pinnae up to 2 cm long   Platytaenia multicaule
+ Plants pubescent or glabrous. Pinnae linear to oval or ovate; pubescent or glabrous, sessile or stalk up to 1 cm long   Platytaenia lasiocarpa

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