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Department of Botany, University of Karachi, Karachi

Astragalus ammophilus var. persepolitanus

Credit: Asad

Trees, shrubs, climbers or herbs. Leaf rarely simple, mostly compound, unifoliolate, pinnately or palmately compound; stipels sometimes present. Inflorescence solitary, racemose, paniculate or umbellate, capitate or spicate. Flower zygomorphic. Calyx gamosepalous. Corolla polypetalous or sometimes united, vexillary imbricate, differentiated into the upper bigger outermost petal or vexillum, the two lateral wings, and the 2 innermost, sometimes united along the margin, forming the carina or keel. Stamens 10, rarely fewer, free or fused, mostly the adaxial stamen free or nearly so and the 9 united together, anthers uniform or dimorphic, basifixed or dorsifixed. Ovary unicarpellary, mostly unilocular, many-1 ovules on the adaxial suture. Fruit dehiscent by 2 or 1 sutures or indehiscent, or jointed and breaking up into 1-seeded parts. Seed sometimes arillate, with or without endosperm.

A large family with c. 480 genera and c. 12000 species; cosmopolitan in distribution.

List of tribes and genera

Tribe 1-Sophoreae Sophora, Castanospermum

Tribe 2-Podalyrieae-Thermopsis

Tribe 3-Genisteae-Spartium, Laburnum

Tribe 4-LotononideaeLotononis

Tribe 5-Lupineae-Lupinus, Argyrolobium

Tribe 6-Crotalarieae-Goniogyna, Crotalaria

Tribe 7-Robinieae-Robinia

Tribe 8-Millettieae-Millettia, Wisteria

Tribe 9-Lonchocarpeae-Pongamia, Derris

Tribe 10-Dalbergieae-Dalbergia

Tribe 11-Tephrosieae-Tephrosia

Tribe 12-Indigofereae-Indigofera, Cyamopsis

Tribe 13-Sesbanieae-Sesbania

Tribe 14-Galegeae-Galega

Tribe 15-ColuteaeColutea

Tribe 16-Astragaleae-Caragana, Chesneya, Gueldenstaedtia, Astragalus, Oxytropis, Glycyrrhiza

Tribe 17-Psoralieae-Amorpha, Psoralea

Tribe 18-Cajaneae-Cajanus, Atylosia, Flemingia, Rhynchosia, Paracalyx

Tribe 19-Diocleae-Pueraria, Canavalia

Tribe 20-Erythrineae-Erythrina, Butea, Mucuna

Tribe 21-Phaseoleeae-Phaseolus, Vigna, Macroptilium, Lablab, Macrotyloma

Tribe 22-Glycineae-Clitoria, Dumasia, Glycine, Shuteria, Teramnus

Tribe 23-Abreae-Abrus

Tribe 24-Vicieae-Cicer, Vicia, Lens, Lathyrus, Pisum

Tribe 25-Ononideae- Ononis

Tribe 26-Trifolieae-Melilotus, Trigonella, Medicago, Trifolium

Tribe 27-Loteae-Lotus, Securigera

Tribe 28-Coronilleae- Hippocrepis

Tribe 29-Hedysareae-Stracheya, Hedysarum, Onobrychis, Taverniera, Ebenus, Alhagi

Tribe 30-Aeschynomeneae-Smithia, Aeschynomene

Tribe 31-Desmodieae-Ougeinia, Desmodium, Uraria, Alysicarpus

Tribe 32-Stylosantheae-Zornia, Arachis

Tribe 33-Lespedezeae-Lespedeza, Campylotropis

Acknowledgements: I am grateful to the authorities of the following herbaria for herbarium and library facilities: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; British Museum (Natural History), London; Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh; Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna; National Herbarium, Rawalpindi; Pakistan Forest Research Institute, Peshawar and the herbarium of PCSIR, Peshawar. I am indebted to Dr. R. K. Brummitt, Dr. B.L. Burtt, Dr. R.D. Meikle, Dr. R. Polhill, Dr. W.T. Stearn, Mr. C. C. Townsend and Dr. V. Verdcourt for discussing various problems from time to time and for their advice and suggestions. My thanks are due to Mr. Abdul Ghafoor, Dr. M. Qaiser, Dr. Sultanul Abedin and Mr. Mohammad Niaz for checking the manuscript and for seeing it through the press. I am grateful to Miss P. Halliday for kindly accepting the extremely arduous task of checking the proof. The financial assistance, received from the United States Department of Agriculture under P.L. 480, is thankfully acknowledged.

Artificial Key to the Genera

1 Ovary 1-ovuled, fruit 1-seeded   Group_A_(Papilionaceae)
+ Ovary more than 1-ovuled   (2)
2 (1) Trees   Group_B_(Papilionaceae)
+ Shrubs, herbs (erect, prostrate or climbing)   (3)
3 (2) Plants spiny or prickly   Group_C_(Papilionaceae)
+ Plants not spiny or prickly   (4)
4 (3) Plants climbing or prostrate   Group_D_(Papilionaceae)
+ Plants erect (herbs or shrubs)   Group_E_(Papilionaceae)

List of Keys

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